We Are A Professionally Run Loan Management Company (LMC), With Primary Focus On Individuals

Home Loan

We presume you understand the basics of Home Loan, depending on various factors on case to case basis, typically Home Loan is available upto 80 / 85% of the property value. If you need more information on basics give us a miss call on (022) 283 five times 5

Loan Against Property

Do you have a property on which you have not leveraged (borrowed) so far or you have borrowed but you have not borrowed to the extent possible, we can help you to borrow against such property. It could be residential property or commercial property, doesn’t matter much. You want to know more give us a miss call on (022) 283 five times 5

Value Added Services

These are the products where iNDIADSA.COM has the ability to add value to your financial matters. Suggest spare some time, go thru the brief description of these products and you may get some or a lot of benefits.

100% Top up at Home Loan Rate - You have a Home Loan of say 50 lacs, you may get upto another 50 lacs. This additional loan amount would attract normal home loan rate only. Does it sound interesting to you !!! Connect with iNDIADSA.COM. Give us a miss call on (022) 283 five times 5

Balance Transfer – In case you have a home loan or Loan against property already, iNDIADSA.COM suggest you explore the possibility of getting a better deal like lower cost, lower EMI, higher amount, longer tenor etc. Hmmm….thinking about it, okies, give us a miss call on (022) 283 five times 5

Interest Saver – Do you know anyone who has a loan and doesn’t want to save interest. It is like earning Home Loan Rate on your saving account. If you have a home loan on your head already and still you are not excited about this product, consult a financial advisor. This is applicable for Home loan and LAP.If you are excited get in touch with iNDIADSA.COM by giving a miss call on (022) 283 five times 5

Liquidity Generator at ZERO Cost – May be you don't need any loans. No Immediate cash flow requirement. But you have a property ( Whether commercial or residential) where you have not leveraged or under leveraged. We can help you get an Overdraft type facility where you pay interest only if you use the facility, that too interest you pay is for the amount actually used for the actual number of days. You repay the loan the facility remains with you. If this sounds good to you and you want to know more about this, give us a miss call on (022) 283 five times 5

Life Insurance

iNDIADSA.COM simply recommends that you must have enough insurance cover which can pay all the liabilities you have, in case of your death. Unfortunately in India mostly people are under insured. iNDIADSA.COM strongly recommends taking the required cover thru term insurance plan. If you agree with our ideology and need a insurance plan, we can help you …….register with us thru our quick inquiry and we will get back to you.

Investment Advisory

We can help you in a big way, we not only simplify loaning we also simplify finances. Investment approach, attitude and habits needs to be developed. A Financial discipline needs to be maintained. Our approach is very different, we are very aggressive still very conservative. We can add lot of value to your finance. If what we said here looks Interesting to you …….register with us thru our quick inquiry and we will get back to you.